Adobe releases the candidate version of Flash Player 11.2

After five beta test, the candidate version of Flash Player 11.2 has finally been released which means the official version is much closer. According to the official blog articles of Adobe, Flash Player 11.2 RC hasn’t added any new functions while just some improvements of performance. More

Guide: how to watch YouTube videos on iRiver B100?

“I have downloaded some YouTube music videos which are in .swf format. I want to listen to them on my iRiver B100. I tried some converters but they cannot support SWF videos. Can anyone tell me how to convert these YouTube videos to MP3? Or just recommend a good converter for me so that I can More

How to watch SWF movies on HTC Flyer?

Do you want to watch SWF movies on HTC Flyer? Do you want to watch electronic photo album .swf on your HTC Flayer? This paper will tell you how to watch SWF movies on HTC Flyer.

With the help of a SWF converter, we can easily and quickly More

4.3 inches dual-core LG Optimus LTE Tag releases

Recently, LG has released its high-configuration LG Optimus VU which has dual-core processor and 5 inches touch screen. Now, LG releases another smartphone named LG Optimus LTE Tag on South Korea. This smartphone also has high configuration.


How to enjoy SWF videos on LG V900?

LG V900 is a tablet computer which has equipped with Android 30 system and 1GHz dual-core Nvidia Tegra 2 processor. It has a 2MP frontal camera and 5MP rear camera which can take clear photos. In addition, it has an 8.9 inches touch screen. It can well support audios, videos and pictures. But do More

Samsung will release 10.1 inches Galaxy Note on this MWC

News from BG: although Samsung has confirmed that they won’t hold press conference, but it is still likely to release new products.

New evidence shows that Samsung is possible a 10.1 inches More

Tutorial: watch SWF movies on BenQ R100

BenQ R100 is a tablet computer which has applied Android 2.0 operating system and a 10.1 inches touch screen with a resolution in 1024*600. If you have a BenQ R100, then this paper will be useful for you since it will introduce a good way to watch SWF movies on this machine.

For watching More

ARM version Windows 8 abandon Flash and only support Metro applications

According to news from Electronista, Steven Sinofsky who is the director of Windows 8 department has said that ARM version Windows 8 won’t support any plug-ins. He explains that even the IE browser run as desktop mode cannot run Flash or any similar browser loading items.


How to convert SWF video to Samsung Hello Kitty?

Do you still wondering what gift can you give your girlfriend on this Valentine’s Day? Actually, you might choose a beautiful smartphone for her so that you can contact her every day. I’d like to say Samsung Hello Kitty which is also called Samsung S5230 will be your choice. This phone has More

Tutorial: Watch SWF videos on LG Nitro HD

Want to watch SWF on LG Nitro HD? Or Want to watch YouTube .swf videos on LG Nitro HD? Then, this paper will definitely give some suggestions how to watch SWF videos on LG Nitro HD.

For watching SWF videos on LG Nitro HD, we can convert SWF to More