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How to convert flash SWF to AVI?

AVI, whose whole name is Audio Video Interleaved, is a video format that synchronously combines the audio and images. It has adopted a lossy compression in a higher compression. Even thought the image quality isn’t quite good, it also has widely applied. It could support 256 colors and RLE More

How to record game playing?

Flash game is a kind of new form game with simple and convenient operations and small size. It is quite safe and doesn’t need to install. Therefore, it is quite popular nowadays. This kind of games is always in “SWF” format and the source file is “fla”. More and More

How to convert YouTube to MP3 for free?

YouTube is the world’s biggest video sharing website where people could watch, upload and download video clips, television shorts, and music videos and so on. Sometimes we find some beautiful music videos, especially original ones on YouTube. And we want to rip the music and play it on More

How to convert SWF to AVI with alpha channel?

Alpha channel is an 8-bit gray channel, which adapts 256 gray levels to record the transparency of the images so as to define the transparent, translucent and opaque area. The black means transparent, white means opaque and the gray represents translucent. The main purpose of the alpha More

How to convert SWF to AVI videos?

Moyea SWF to AVI converter Pro is one of the world’s best SWF to AVI converters. It could efficiently and perfectly convert SWF to AVI videos and totally keep the original effects. Below are how to convert SWF to AVI with Moyea SWF to AVI converter.
Guides about how to More

How to download flash intro?

Flash intro is a piece of informative video clips designed to give the visitors and customers the idea about your website and activities. We could also say that flash intro is a special flash presentation. Use a flash intro to introduce the website, activity or company could definitely deeply More

How to download flash games freely?

Flash games have been more and more popular in our daily life. Generally, the flash games could be distinguished by the game types and the number of the players. The commonly game types are intelligence games, sports games, chess games, shooting games and so on. Recently, the most popular More

How to download flash animation?

Flash is a piece of excellent web animation design software released by the American MACROMEDIA company (it has been purchased by Adobe) on June, 1999. It is an interactive animation design tool, which could integrate music, sound effects, animations and interfaces so as to make high-quality More