Adobe releases the candidate version of Flash Player 11.2

After five beta test, the candidate version of Flash Player 11.2 has finally been released which means the official version is much closer. According to the official blog articles of Adobe, Flash Player 11.2 RC hasn’t added any new functions while just some improvements of performance.

New features of Flash Player 11.2:

1. Multi-threaded video decoding (windows, Mac OS and Linux)

Flash Player 11.2 has fully realized the multi-thread video decoding which makes the performance of Flash on various platforms has been greatly improved.

2. Flash Player background updates (Windows)

With this update mechanism, the new version Flash Player will provide users much more efficient update experience.

3. The mouse lock, the mouse relative coordinates, right-click and middle click: with the infinite scroll and mouse events create spectacular panoramic view of the gaming experience.

4. Provides runtime for Windows, Mac OS and Linux desktop

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