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Adobe releases the candidate version of Flash Player 11.2

After five beta test, the candidate version of Flash Player 11.2 has finally been released which means the official version is much closer. According to the official blog articles of Adobe, Flash Player 11.2 RC hasn’t added any new functions while just some improvements of performance. More

4.3 inches dual-core LG Optimus LTE Tag releases

Recently, LG has released its high-configuration LG Optimus VU which has dual-core processor and 5 inches touch screen. Now, LG releases another smartphone named LG Optimus LTE Tag on South Korea. This smartphone also has high configuration.


Samsung will release 10.1 inches Galaxy Note on this MWC

News from BG: although Samsung has confirmed that they won’t hold press conference, but it is still likely to release new products.

New evidence shows that Samsung is possible a 10.1 inches More

ARM version Windows 8 abandon Flash and only support Metro applications

According to news from Electronista, Steven Sinofsky who is the director of Windows 8 department has said that ARM version Windows 8 won’t support any plug-ins. He explains that even the IE browser run as desktop mode cannot run Flash or any similar browser loading items.


Adobe released Player 11.1: support Android 4.0

On the end of last year, Adobe has finally released Adobe Player 11.1 which is expected for a long time to support the flash videos on Android 4.0 devices. It can support Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich system. But it will be the last major version mobile browser version.

In addition, More

Windows 8 integrates similar-siri voice assistant

Some analysts say that Microsoft Windows 8 will integrate an application which is quite similar to Siri. In addition, it will support the brand-new gesture and color recognition.

Craig Munide, More

Launch of web WP, making Iphone and Android users experience Mango OS

Recently, Microsoft has released a web version Windows Phone 7, with which Iphone and Android users can get familiar with Windows Phone 7 Mango system.

It is said, we can visit the website with More

Adobe releases tablet-PC version Photoshop

On the middle of November, Adobe has released mobile photo software and some other applications for Android tablets. Although Adobe is giving up the Flash plug-ins on Android tablets, it is really interested in developing other software for Google mobile devices.


Adobe confirms to release Android 4.0 version Flash on the end of 2011

Recently, Adobe has declared that Android 4.0 will support Flash before the end of the year.
Adobe says that they will release a Android 4.0 version Flash before the end of this year. It has also said that it will be a brand-new Flash version, while not just some bugs repairs and security More