Tutorial: Watch SWF videos on LG Nitro HD

Want to watch SWF on LG Nitro HD? Or Want to watch YouTube .swf videos on LG Nitro HD? Then, this paper will definitely give some suggestions how to watch SWF videos on LG Nitro HD.

For watching SWF videos on LG Nitro HD, we can convert SWF to video that this machine can well support such as 3GP and MP4. Here we need a good SWF to video converter which can keep the source video quality while converting SWF to video.

So, download a SWF to video converter first.

And then, please follow the below steps.

Step 1: start the SWF to video converter and load the SWF file.

Directly click “Browse” – “From Folder” to load the SWF file. Click the buttons under the view screen for Previewing. Crop and capture are available here.

Step 2: click “export” to customize export settings

Set the output video format as MP4 and choose a folder for the converted video. And then, click “settings” for further audio and video settings.

Several parameters can be adjusted here such as bite rate, sample rate, audio and video codec, audio and video quality and so on.
In addition, you can rip audio here by clicking “rip audio”.

Step 3: convert SWF to video

Finally, just click “export” to start the SWF to video conversion. The conversion from SWF to video will be finished in no minute. Just wait until the output folder is opened.

Now, you can enjoy the video and transfer it to LG Nitro HD. In this way, you can watch the video anytime and anywhere.

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